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My Bills

Hassle free utilities transfers


Need to transfer your utilities?

TransferMyBills is a free service designed to streamline the process of transferring many of the bills associated with moving home.

It's a free service and only takes around 3 minutes

Help from our experts to set your home up correctly

Easily locate and notify core utility providers

Save on Home Insurance and even fix the price for 2 years

Exclusive Broadband speed & tariffs

Photograph of young couple sitting on a sofa reviewing household bills

We find most utilities automatically, using just the address!





Broadband & TV

Car & Home

How it works

Enter your postcode

Using just a postcode we automatically identify the utility providers & council(s) that require contacting.

Add your personal details

After a few personal details you’ll enter your transfer dashboard, where you can track your entire move.

Select your suppliers

Next simply select the rest of the suppliers you would like to notify from the hundreds in our system.*

Start your transfer

All that remains then is to confirm the start of your transfer & we’ll notify all of the listed suppliers so you’re up and running by the time you move in.

* If you’re moving for the first time we can help you to arrange suppliers for Electric & Gas, TV & Broadband, with more new offers being added each week.

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