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We strive to deliver excellent customer service and to operate as efficiently as possible; this has always been our focus as we’re a dedicated team, always committed to achieving and raising the highest standards within the removals and storage industry.

The British Association of Removers (BAR) is the largest trade association for the removal and storage industry in the UK. BAR members are professional, experienced and well-established companies that offer a range of services to help make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Here are some of the reasons why you should use a BAR member for your move:

  • Professionalism: BAR members adhere to a strict code of practice, which ensures that they operate in a professional and ethical manner. They are committed to providing high-quality services and are regularly audited to ensure they meet the BAR’s standards.
  • Experience: BAR members have extensive experience in the removal and storage industry. They have the skills and knowledge to handle your move efficiently and safely, ensuring that your possessions are transported to your new home without any damage.
  • Insurance: BAR members are required to have insurance in place to protect your possessions during the move. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that your belongings are covered in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.
  • Customer service: BAR members are committed to providing excellent customer service. They will keep you informed throughout the process and will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.
  • Training: BAR members invest in the training and development of their staff to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge required to provide a high-quality service. This includes training in packing, loading and unloading, and customer service.
  • Complaints handling: BAR members have a formal complaints procedure in place, which ensures that any issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently. This gives you reassurance that any problems will be resolved to your satisfaction.

In summary, using a BAR member for your move gives you peace of mind, knowing that you are dealing with a professional, experienced and well-established company that is committed to providing excellent customer service and adhering to high standards of practice.

When you are moving to a new home, it is common practice to pay your removal company in advance. While all members of the British Association of Removers (BAR) undergo financial vetting, customers may still feel uneasy about paying for their move upfront. Therefore, as a part of their membership requirements, all BAR members offer an Advanced Payment Guarantee Scheme to their customers.

BAR member companies will provide you with information about the scheme they belong to and the extent of coverage it provides, whether it is only for moves within the UK or for international moves as well. It is important to ensure that your chosen mover provides the appropriate level of coverage for the type of move you are undertaking. The guarantee only applies to private individuals moving home to, from, or within the United Kingdom, giving you complete peace of mind when using a BAR member company for your move.

The Furniture & Home Improvement Ombudsman is a non-profit, independent entity that has been approved by the government to help resolve disputes and maintain high standards in various industries. They offer Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) training and advice to both organisations and consumers in the retail, furniture, and home improvement sectors. Their goal is to help both parties achieve a fair and reasonable outcome that is binding on it’s members.

Established by the Office of Fair Trading in 1992, they have amassed significant expertise over the past 28 years, including accredited training, a diverse team of professionals, and a membership base that includes both corporations and independent organisations, and take pride in working tirelessly to protect consumers’ rights and promote fair trade.

Operating as a voluntary Ombudsman scheme, which means that their members choose to provide their consumers with free access to the ADR service. Without registering first, customers would not be able to use the scheme and would instead have to pay to use the Courts.

Their decisions are binding on it’s members, but consumers are not bound to them. Using the service does not prevent a consumer from using the Courts.

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QSS is a certification body that offers quality standard certification for a variety of industries. It is considered the premier certification body for quality standards within the UK’s removals and storage sector. Founded in 1999 by the British Association of Removers (BAR), QSS employs auditors who are highly qualified and experienced to assess applicants and conduct annual evaluations of both BAR members and non-members.

Gaining QSS certification is a 3 step process involving the following;

  1. We have established and maintain a measurable and documented system that includes a quality manual supported by quality procedures and controlled forms. This system has been implemented and followed consistently to ensure the quality of our operations.
  2. To assess our compliance with the chosen standard(s), a QSS auditor visited our premises and evaluated our working practices. The auditor then assessed our operations against the established standards to ensure that we met the necessary requirements.
  3. Following successfully obtaining this valuable certification, we receive annual surveillance visits to ensure that we continues to meet the required standards. These visits are conducted regularly to ensure that we remain on track and upholds the necessary standards.
  4. In addition, we receive an annual audit to check we are compliant in areas.

We are proud of our QSS certification and further details about each of our certifications can be found below.

In any organisation, ISO 14001 offers a set of criteria that can be used to assess and evalutae an Environmental Management System (EMS).

The purpose of BS 8522 is to set a baseline of service and performance for companies that provide commercial entities with services related to the transportation of business equipment, furniture, and goods.

The storage of furniture and personal effects for private individuals is specifically targeted by BS EN 14873, which is currently the only acknowledged quality standard in this field.

Quality Management Systems are assessed against a set of requirements that are globally acknowledged by complying with ISO 9001.

BS 8564 outlines the procedures that must be adhered to by removal companies that offer overseas domestic, commercial, or office relocations.

ISO 14001 sets out a collection of requirements that can be used to appraise an Environmental Management System (EMS) in any organisation.