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Secure and weatherproof outdoor storage rooms

Storage in Norfolk & Suffolk

For over 40 years, Britannia Alan Cook has been a trusted provider of storage services in Norwich. We present a diverse range of storage solutions tailored to your unique requirements. If you’re seeking short-term or long-term storage options in Norwich, you’ve come to the right destination.

We have three types of storage options

Containerised Storage

Crated Storage

Storage Rooms

Storage Solutions in Norwich

Our expansive storage warehouse boasts an impressive capacity of 378,050 cubic feet and houses over 900 wooden storage containers. Space is never a concern. Catering to numerous customers annually, we accommodate various storage needs. Whether you intend to store a few bags of clothing, a sofa, or an entire household’s contents, rest assured, we offer secure and reliable storage solutions.


Storage Solutions in Ipswich, Gt. Yarmouth, & Lowestoft

For those residing in Ipswich, our exceptional storage services are at your disposal. Many individuals transitioning between properties in Ipswich turn to Britannia Alan Cook for smooth storage solutions. With Ipswich being home to the University of Suffolk, we often assist students in storing their possessions during changes in accommodations.

Our convenient location, just half an hour away from Great Yarmouth, positions us ideally to cater to your storage requirements in the area. The same holds true for Lowestoft, where our extensive premises and skilled team can adeptly manage items of any size.

Outdoor secure containerised storage units with movable access platform

Why use our storage options?

  • De-cluttering your home, shed, garage or office
  • Store seasonal items such as skis, surfboards, etc
  • Household storage between house moves
  • Moving abroad or working away from home
  • Whilst having building work or extensive decorating
  • Archive boxes from home or business

Key Features of our self-storage containers

  • Easy access Indoor Self Storage – access during opening hours
    (other times by appointment)
  • Outside Self Storage – 24hr access, 7 days a week
    our own key to your container
  • 24 hour security with CCTV and RedCare alarm system
  • Staff onsite during opening hours
  • Packing materials available to purchase: boxes, tape, wrap, etc

We prioritize security and have equipped our storage facilities with a robust alarm system, providing you with an added layer of peace of mind. Your belongings are safeguarded at all times.

Storage is charged per week, but invoiced per calendar month, any unused storage value (daily rate) will be refunded or offset against your out of store service.

Comprehensive Storage Options

We offer a comprehensive crated storage service, which involves the crates being loaded on your doorstep for loading. If desired, we can handle packing, wrapping, and loading, complete with a detailed inventory.

Wooden storage crates about to be unloaded from a Britannia Alan Cook Removals & Storage lorry at a customers new home

Our secure storage containers are sealed on-site, ensuring the safety of your belongings. If you’re in the midst of a move, our services extend to vehicle storage and archiving document storage, attending to all your needs.

Wooden storage crates about to be unloaded from a Britannia Alan Cook Removals & Storage lorry at a customers new home

International and Destination Storage

Customers relocating abroad often find our storage solutions invaluable. This option grants them the luxury of settling into their new surroundings before having their stored items delivered at their convenience. It’s a particularly practical choice for those with busy schedules.

If your destination calls for storage closer to your final point, our affiliation with the Britannia network enables us to arrange storage facilities nearby, ensuring accessibility.

Top tips when moving into store

  • A few weeks before your move is a good time to start running down your freezer. Save money and reduce waste by using everything up before your removal, perhaps with a big BBQ or fry up? New house, new food?!
  • Make sure you allow your white goods such as, dishwashers, washing machines, and fridge freezers several days to dry out, as any moisture will cause mold within your storage. If you’re worried that there may still be some moisture, try adding some tea bags or moisture trap.
  • Remember to keep all important documents with yourself such as passports, birth certificates etc. You may not need them at that moment in time but what are the chances that you will need them once you don’t have access to them?
  • Make it clear to your removers what items you are taking and what is going to store. You can do this for example by putting all th effects that are staying with you in one room.

For more moving help, check out our best tips & tricks here. Alternatively, contact our team and we are would be more than happy to assist with any questions you have.


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