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Well, what can I say? This is one of the busiest weeks of the year for nearly everybody. The high street shops and supermarkets, restaurants and pubs, trying to park is a nightmare and tempers flare. All over the place you can hear the sounds of small children stamping their feet to the tune of ‘But I want one!!’ Parents are looking slightly jaded and Grandparents worldwide are looking slightly smug with the thought At least it’s no longer us!’ The crews try to get out of the yard early (even earlier?) so as to avoid traffic heading to the local towns and into the city as they are not that zippy when in an 18 tonne pantechnican!

And it is busy on removals! This week we are fully booked, which unfortunately means we haven’t been able to move all the customers that were hoping for this week. It is a shame that the period of time between exchange and completion now appears to be so short, less than a week in some cases. This means that no one can confirm dates until the last minute and this, obviously has a knock on effect. It also adds more pressure at an already stressful time for customers as well as us, and removal companies everywhere. The people we are moving now have to pack, sort out their utilities, change of addresses, cancel their deliveries, or re-route them, return their library books etc etc. When are they going to do their Christmas shopping, write their cards and wrap everything? They can’t put up their decorations only to take them down again and, once they have moved and unpacked everything, will they feel like it? How will they have the time?

All this makes me sound a bit like Scrooge! I really am not. Christmas should be a special time, a time to make an effort to see old friends and family, to share something special, not just a turkey! This seems a bit lost in a whirl of who can send the most cards, put up the most lights, throw the biggest party and roast the largest bird. Don’t get me wrong, I love the lights, the excitement, the cards and gifts, seeing my friends and family, but it should not be a competition, nor should it send families into debt they will spend the next year paying off, only to then start again! Now add a house move!!

Rant over; it leaves me only to say that I wish every one of our customers, suppliers, friends and colleagues a truly magical, and Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! May all your wishes and dreams come true.