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Request one of our free no-obligation surveys to get an accurate quotation for your upcoming removal on 01508 520631

There appears to be a frenzy of spring-cleaning and de-cluttering going on at the moment in the beautiful and scenic areas of Norfolk and Suffolk. Along with this comes the urge for people to spread their wings after the ‘hibernation’ period of winter. Having decided that their homes are too big, too small, too much or not enough garden or just for the change of scene, For Sale signs are springing up all over the place. Having come through our ‘quiet period’ and I’m using that phrase tentatively we are now charging headlong into the ‘Spring Rush’, albeit a little later than usual.

Of course, once a house is on the market there are many things to consider and the removal is very rarely on the top of the agenda. Here at Alan Cook Removals we know this. However, to ensure the actual day goes smoothly, we do like to be prepared! It all starts with a quote! A quick call to our friendly, and, above all, helpful staff in the office and an appointment is made.

There is no such thing as an ‘average’ house so this visit is important to establish exactly what will be required on move day. It also gives an opportunity to discuss any special items a customer may want to be given special consideration, from spa baths to fish tanks, pool tables to piano’s, oil paintings to grandmothers original cut crystal glassware. We have moved some very strange items, with the practiced ease of experienced professionals, of course. The quote can be done to include any additional services, such as dismantling, packing, export wrapping, even collecting that additional dining table from Great Aunt Frieda’s. Once the exchange has happened and the completion date is set at least there is no sudden panic, the removal will go smoothly!

Please don’t forget, if you see us out and about, give us a wave! Sometimes we even wave back!