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Removals throughout the Ages – With the sun shining and everyone picking up a spring in their step, we thought it was time to take a jaunt away from our usual advice articles. Everyone loves a light-hearted look at the world of removals, so today we are taking you on a trip way, way back into time and asking ourselves what removals services could have looked like during key periods in history…with Removals throughout the Ages

Neolithic Removals

If you thought we were going to rely on some kind of worn out Flintstones kind of idea for the stone age removals, then you’re wrong. Back in these days people didn’t have much in the way of goods, perhaps a few good flints and a couple of nice fur garments so the removal man was probably pushed to find good jobs and had to spend all his time hunting and fishing instead. Sounds like a terribly hard life to us.

Roman Removals

Romans were always having to move into conquered provinces – especially if you were part of high society, so moving could take many weeks or even months. This was a fine old time to be in the removals game because you could obviously upsell a load of services, like carriage, food storage, foot soldiers and some bloke to play on the lute in place of a radio in the front of the lorry.

Medieval Removals

Around about 1000 years ago England and France were more linked that we care to remember. With all that business with Agincourt, De Creche and Eleanor of Aquitaine the English kings and many of the more battle prone barons had to constantly do the channel hop thing. For the first time and not the last in history there was good money to be made in overseas removals, especially if you were a dab hand at dodging the French navy.

Wild West Removals

Everyone loves a cowboy, don’t they? That rugged sense of adventure. The horses and the hats. Must have been great. Back then you could move everything by wagon if you wanted, but the rich amongst the crowd would have been able to access fast removals by sticking all their stuff onboard one of those wood-burning engines and firing up across the Midwest to their new homespun territory.

Modern Removals

This is where Alan Cook Removals makes a bold entry into the game. We’ve taken a look over our shoulders at the glorious past of our home moving ancestors and given more than a nod towards all their hard work. The service you receive today – personable, friendly and completely on time is a culmination of every brave and bold removals guy who picked up the box of history and carried it on down the road of fate. Giving you the great service you receive today.