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One of the phrases you’ll hear people who are engaged in a home move say is “we never realised we had so many belongings”. It’s not uncommon for them to be a little overawed with the amount of stuff they possess. Fortunately most removals companies now supply some useful home removals materials that will help collate all these individual items and protect them during transit.


One of the most useful materials in the removal man’s box of tricks is the old grey blanket that you’ll often see sitting in the back of the van. Far from being a dirty piece of cloth, these regularly cleaned blankets are a vital barrier that will stop precious furniture from receiving bumps, knocks and scratches during the transportation process. By placing the blanket over delicate wooden surfaces, the thick material forms a barrier that will protect from most damage during transit.

Wrapping Paper

In the olden days of vintage removals, newspaper was an invaluable resource. The thick paper was perfect for wrapping up all kinds of kitchen utensils and breakables like vases and decorative plates. Only one issue however – the black ink tended to make a bit of a mark on white surfaces. Good thing now that the removals trade has wised up to this and will give you reams of recycled paper to wrap up all your easily damaged possessions. It may come on a roll or as a pack of sheets, but however it


Gone are the days when you had to nip down to the supermarket and grab a load of empty fish finger boxes to put your belongings in before the removals men came to load up their van. In some places in the past people would even hang onto treasured tea-chests for years in case they had to move again. Now most removals companies will supply you with flat pack boxes that you simply have to re-assemble with a section of sticky tape and you’re well on your way to getting everything into sensible storage. Just be sure to mark a note about the contents on the side of the box to help it arrive in the right part of your new home.

Of course, once everything is packed up you’ll need a good removals company to help you get all your possessions moved from A to B. This is where Alan Cook Removals will help you out. Our accomplished team of removals men and drivers have all the skills you need for a smooth and hassle free home move.