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There are some wonderful buildings in Norfolk. This is a country truly filled with history and stories of old. Everywhere you turn there are magnificent buildings and houses. As an aside from the usual advice articles we thought we’d take a look at how some of the more historical removals jobs of the past might have gone down.

The Maid’s Head Norwich

One of the oldest hotels in the country, the Maids Head is a mishmash of different buildings and additions that have been drawn together over the centuries. There are many winding staircases and back rooms and routes through this old inn. We believe that getting the beds upstairs wouldn’t have been too much difficulty however, and with the restaurant on the first floor near some doors that could possibly once have been the stables, we actually believe this would have been an easy removals job, even with horses and carts.

Holkham Hall

Without question one of the most marvellous buildings of its period in the whole of England, Holkham Hall took quite a while to build and as a result its full of winding stair cases high ceilings and intricate courtyards. The problem wouldn’t be so much the whole removals job as to the intricate nature of the furniture and fittings being moved. The only solace granted to the workers doing all the heavy lifting would be at least they don’t have to do the decorating.

Norwich Castle

Ahh the castle. Almost one of the most together castles you’ll find in the UK this building is a magnificent stone box raised in the 12th century using that lovely stone from Caen in France that has an almost pinkish lustre. There’s nothing quite like it and the massive hill it sits on. Of course this would be the most nightmare of all the jobs on the list, as just getting the occupants possessions to the front door would be an ordeal and have you ever tried getting a coffee table up a spiral staircase?

Cromer Pier

One of the UK’s most iconic sea buildings, Cromer pier is often forgotten in favour of the jetties out at Wigan and Brighton. However this would be a fairly simple place to serve with removals as all you have to do is get the van down the hill and then all the workers need to do is walk the furniture and possessions to their final destination. All right, this isn’t strictly a home removals situation – but guess what? Alan Cook Removals can move anything.

So there we have it. A quick and breezy look into the buildings of Norfolk, and if you need some assistance with your home move, whether or not you’re a big stately building or just a simple domicile then we’ll make sure everything of yours arrives in pristine condition.