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No matter if you’re moving house in Norwich or Beccles or Great Yarmouth, you might be wondering whether or not to do the packing yourself and even the moving yourself. You could after save yourself some money. Well, it really is up to you and we wouldn’t want to suggest you take out a service that might not be right for you and your particular circumstance so we thought we’d share this guide to the pros and cons of moving yourself versus asking a professional team to do it for you.

The main things going for doing it yourself are of course the cost savings and the timing over when and what you move. And the main cons of doing yourself are that you’ll need to spend a lot of time packing things up and moving them from house to house and if you have to get everything done in just one day then that will put a lot of pressure on you to get it done. Whereas an experienced team will definitely be able to come in, pack it all up and ship it on out without a second thought, but even if you decide to go it alone, we’re here to help you make the best decision for you.