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Moving with your current plants is something many people do.
Whilst you will not want to remove all the plants from your garden, especially not if your buyer is expecting a range of greenery to come with their new purchase, you may want to move some of your most loved plants.

Ultimately it is your removal company that will take the plants for you. This means that you should do everything you can to make it easy for your removal company to recognise that you’re moving plants. The following tips should ease the job:

  • Decide which plants you want to take…when you’re moving it’s obvious that you should take all your houseplants, but what about your treasured greenery from the garden? Sometimes it’s possible to dig up your best blooms and bushes and put them into pots to take over to your new pad.
  • Healthy plants stand a better chance of survival…whether you’re getting your removals company to carry off your treasured plants, there’s always a chance that they could become a little unhappy in transit. It’s not like plants really evolved to move. Give them the best chance of making it through the journey by repotting them in the best compost.
  • Dry out those outside plants…with plants that you’ve taken out of the ground and put into moving pots it’s advisable to take them inside for a week before the move in order to let them dry out.
    Wrap small plants in newspaper…use newspaper to go round the pots of smaller indoor plants and their leaves and bloomage. These should now be small enough to fit into boxes.
  • Put larger plants into boxes…and leave your boxes open at the top so they won’t be used to support other boxes. This way the plants can be stored on top of other furniture in the removals lorry.
  • Talk to your removal company…plants can take up a lot of storage space in the removal van or lorry. Make sure that there’s an understanding of the size of the job before you start so that you don’t incur extra charges.

Obviously there are other ways to transport plants, such as taking small cuttings and it’s always beneficial to move plants in the hotter seasons and months to ensure that they are strong enough to cope with the move.

Whether you want to transport plants, furniture, toys or treasured antiques you can rely on Alan Cook removals to do the best job for you.