If you’re thinking of moving to Norwich you will no doubt want to check the place out. And to help you on your way we’ve found a handy article describing the city in all its glory. Some of it is a little out of date but some of it still holds true.

We particularly like the parts about the leafy roads of the Golden Triangle, a pub on nearly every street corner, the amount of good schools and how easy it is to get about the city. And of course Delia gets a mention – how could she not? And even though it still takes a while to get to London and further afield, moving here is still a good choice if you’re looking for a calmer pace of life yet still enjoy the fruits of a modern city.

The bit about it being a “tad dull” and the Canaries… well, we certainly think there’s lots going on, especially when the Go Go Gorillas are in town and although we dropped down to the Championship last season who knows what might happen this season! You never know until you try.

Either way, our removals team are well versed in how to get about the city so no matter where you choose to live, our house removals Norwich service will help you get there.