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We all know the saying: fail to plan, plan to fail! And this is especially important if you can’t simply pick up your house and take it with you or somehow magically post it to your new address! That’s why we thought we’d share our handy Moving House Checklist with you.

Now you can plan till your heart’s content! This will help you manage your move from start to finish and keep tabs on what needs to be done, what’s being done and what is left to do.

Don’t be fooled either. This might look like a simple list but it’s a massive help because it takes the stress out of keeping track of everything and covers things you might not even have thought of like remembering to empty your loft or set up a postal redirect because it’s not just your possessions that need to physically move, it’s your mail and utility services too.

And if you follow these top ten tips, everything will go a lot smoother:

  1. Contact us at least 1 month in advance and sign and return the contract too;
  2. Decide whether you want to pack your items, or if you’d like us to do it for you;
  3. If you’re going it alone, remember to buy boxes, packing materials and plenty of sticky tape, a sharp pair of scissors, a marker pen and labels;
  4. Pack your fragile and valuable items in a secure and separate place that you can easily access;
  5. Buy insurance…usually the worst that can happen won’t happen but is it worth the risk?
  6. Make sure you tell the removal company about any parking permits and access restrictions…if they can’t get the lorry to your door it’ll make things a whole lot harder to move you;
  7. Arrange for the keys to be delivered before your items are delivered;
  8. Store our telephone number on your mobile phone;
  9. Have you emptied the cellar and the loft, or that cupboard under the stairs? Leave no stone unturned.
  10. Set up a postal redirect;