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An overseas home move can seem like a daunting prospect. Modern transportation systems have made the leap considerably easier than was for our parents and grandparents however. With many removals operators offering a complete end to end service, getting your personal belongings from A to B is now one less thing to seriously worry about.

There has been much made of Britain leaving the EU. Many people are unhappy with Brexit and feel like it’s time to perhaps start looking further afield for a future. Relocating your home and your life is a big decision and one that needs a lot of thought. However, there are a few places that are proving quite popular with those in need of a change of circumstances and climes.

In this article, we explore the top three locations where Brits are thinking of relocating:


With Justin Trudeau’s liberal policies, a friendly population, and vast swathes of living area, it’s not surprising many people are simply thinking of slipping over the Atlantic Ocean and exchanging their small residences in city centres like London, Manchester and Birmingham for the considerably bigger houses they can purchase here. One thing that may slow you down is the cold weather. Obviously in the UK we don’t take too kindly to a bit of snow. However over here, dealing with the freeze is so ingrained in the culture, you better dare not moan.

New Zealand

There’s a lot to be said about New Zealand. This popular little island location is strangely reminiscent of the UK and the culture isn’t too different either. When you look beyond the farms and language the similarities stop. Yes, there is considerably more freedom and personal space, and perhaps nowhere near the levels of crime you may experience in urban life, but then there’s a lack of superfast broadband too.


The golden coast. The sandy beaches and the faraway dream. There’s much to look forward to if you’re taking the plunge and moving down under. With great weather and good company, you’re sure to fit into this bustling and up and coming country. Some of the negative press is that this country is still developing and can feel a little like it’s at the end of the global high street. Oh, and the massive spiders, which are comparable with the size of large mice.

If you are thinking of relocating to another country with an overseas home move, then make sure you enlist the help of a good removals company. Get the right experts to help you become an ex-pat and this will be one part of the whole process that’s sure to go smoothly. And of course, Alan Cook Removals is the ideally placed company with a proven track history of success that can support you in your move.