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Thinking of moving your office? Perhaps you have found somewhere more cost effective to work, or maybe you need more space for your workers? Whatever the reason behind your relocation to new professional digs, it makes sense to use a removals company for office moves.

Better Planning

What’s that popular saying about proper planning? Most of the stress of an office move can be solved with a clear and well-defined plan of attack. Get your removals company in on the ground floor and you could save yourself a huge amount of trouble. From suggestions about what to move first and how to minimise your stress through to very specific packing advice for bulky goods, such an approach is putting your best foot forward.

An Experienced Approach

No doubt you’re great at your office job. You know how to get the best out of your team and many activities that could be difficult to others are simple in your hands. Experience has taught you well over time. However, you probably don’t have the same levels of experience in planning out a new office and positioning all the furniture, chairs and equipment.

For a removals company on the other hand this is our day to day business. We know how to quickly and efficiently pack up and unpack your office ensuring that you’re up and running in no time at all.

Less Worry – More Productivity

If you manage your office move with your internal staff, the chances are that they will have to be engaged during the working week, impacting productivity and slowing down important working processes.

A removals company can come in and literally pick up where your workforce left off. All they need to do is put their belongings into boxes and ensure that the desk draws are taped shut, before we come in over the weekend and get everything moved whilst your staff are enjoying a little break. Come Monday morning everything will be ready for a start.


All good removals companies should be insured against breakages and damage caused during the moving process. Additional costs can therefore be avoided, as its unlikely your staff will have similar cover for moving your office equipment.

Breaking door handles, accidentally knocking through glass and other mishaps is usually covered by a removals company’s insurance policy. Should anything go wrong if your staff are moving furniture or equipment, then you’ll probably end up paying out of company funds. You’re covered with a professional company.

And Finally

If you are looking for a removals company for office moves then make Alan Cook Removals your next call. Our professional experts can help you achieve the result you want from your office move and at a competitive price too – simply get in contact with one of our friendly staff and we can give you a quote.