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When you’re moving with a family one of the most difficult times can be that first night in a new house. Some parents like to tell their children they are going on a holiday or that they are only taking a break, but usually this just delays the pain till later. In our experience its best to be honest with your family and let them know that things are changing and to do your utmost to make them feel comfortable in their new digs. In this article we explore some of the things you can do to help you children adapt quickly in this stressful situation.

Day Out

Make sure that you take the children out for a day in your new surroundings before you move. Take them to all the best places and parks and get them excited about the possibilities and different opportunities for fun and laughter, so when they move – they are already looking forward to the future rather than looking back on all their favourite landmarks and activities that could be sadly missed.

Special Eats

Do your children have a favourite meal or dessert? Don’t tell them straight away, but when you get into your new home cook them up their favourite food and surprise them with something that smells, tastes and feels like all their best memories. It might take a little more effort and preparation, but eating together as a family is the perfect way to cement your place in your new home.


In the past we would have suggested that you read your children a bed time story. Now in the age of tablets and videos, it may be the case that they have a favourite show, film or television episode. Make sure you have the right kind of entertainment to help them fit in and relax as if they had never left their previous residence. To make it even more special make sure you sit and watch the shows with them in order to know you are there with them on this journey.

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