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Whilst you can account for most of the variables in on your moving day – there’s one that has the power to both nix and surprise you. The weather. What is the best way to deal with the skies opening up on the day you’ve decided to break from your old accommodation and move to a totally new residence?

Weather Reports

If your moving day is not set in stone then it might be advisable to simply follow a few reports on the internet to ensure that your plans won’t be scuppered by a complete deluge. If it is possible to move dates and times around then the best advice we can give you is that changes are often available as long as you give your removals company plenty of notice in accordance with any terms and conditions they might have.

Road Checks

If you are travelling around and there’s plenty of backroads on your journey then it may well be advisable to bring up the weather report and check that there’s no flooding on your route. If you are working with a good removal company they should already be one step ahead of the game on this issue, so find out what roads they’re planning to take and you should be in good hands.

Extra Cover

If you have upholstery or cloth covered furniture then it may be worth investing in a few extra big bags or plastic sheet to drape over these absorbent sections to avoid too much water damage, especially if any downpour turns more than a little torrential. Obviously any removals company worth their salt won’t be tarrying around in the raindrops, but in the case of certain values even a few drops of water is too much.

Wear the Right Footwear

If you’re helping out with moving then it’s always advisable to wear a strong shoe with a very good grip. This is especially the case if you’re moving to a country house with a dirt driveway that could turn a little muddy in patches with a spot of bad weather. The last thing that you want to do is slip over and drop your valuables or worse still give yourself a nasty injury.

So there we have it, whilst everything in life is generally better when you do it in the sunshine, with the exception of singing in the rain, sometimes you simply have to put up with the weather. However, as with all situations in life, as long as you put in a little planning then everything can work out in your favour.