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Recently we have been fairly busy here! (I thought if I started with an understatement I could build it up as I go!) We have taken on several more removals crew, who are still to make it into the Rogues Gallery but who are shaping up nicely! Because we have been so busy I have been harking back to the good old days, not long after Andy and Helen took over, it was quieter! Then I looked back even further! Being fairly local, and fairly old (Alright, thought I’d say it before anyone else) I can remember when the original owner, the unforgettable Alan Cook, used to park his little vans on Church Plain car park in the middle of Loddon. Maybe the car park wasn’t so busy as it is now but I’m fairly certain we wouldn’t get away with it these days! Eventually of course, the business started to grow. Under Robin Stringfellow, it’s base was established on the other side of the ‘water’ on the Langley Trading Estate in Chedgrave. (If you don’t know where these places are, well you are currently on-line so look them up, and, having worked out where they are, come for a visit because we are truly blessed to live in such a beautiful area of Norfolk!) Once established in Chedgrave the fleet grew with the addition of a couple more vans and a slightly larger lorry and it continued in this vein changing owners once more prior to the current ones. Back then we were working out of a small storage area and an office above a print shop with two desks! When Andy first took over he’d go out on removals or go out ‘quoting’ in the morning and ‘man’ the phones in the afternoon. Quite soon, with the expansion of the business, we out grew the premises and once more headed back into Loddon, this time up onto the industrial estate and that, for the present time, is where you will find us.

Having had a quick count up our fleet now comprises of twenty plus vehicles, all fully kitted out and liveried, is it any wonder the people of Norfolk see them all over the place? Of course, we also have to employ enough crew to carry out the removals efficiently and enough office staff to ensure that they, in turn have enough work to keep them busy – although at the moment this does not appear to be a problem! All of which leaves me wondering what, under Andy’s guidance, the next five years will bring.