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Modern life is fun and flexible – but relationships don’t always last like they did in the past. Marriage is less emphasised now and co-habitation is a bigger thing, especially when we are all younger. So it’s only natural that relationships should often break down and people have to move on. What’s the best way to go about moving out after a break up following a long spell of sharing rented accommodation?

Who Should Stay?

The basic, unadulterated rule of housing is that if one person was there first then they should be able to keep residency of any shared accommodation. If you moved in together the chances are you will probably both want to move out – in order to escape memories and ghosts of the past.

However if you can’t come to a mutual agreement about who is staying then it may be more appropriate for the person who gets to stay to help with some of the moving costs associated with finding a different residence.

Sharing Costs – Buying Out

Often one party in a break up will want to stay in the current location. This can be tricky if you have purchased furniture, televisions and other equipment together. Although you might not be able to remember the exact pricing, one fair way to go about splitting your goods is for one person to buy the other out. If you can come to a mutual agreement then this will save a lot of arguments.

Another option is to go around and choose stuff piece by piece. A bit like when you picked sports teams at school. This way people can choose the items that are most important to them – rather than it being a case of trying to assess values.

A Clean Break

And if you do both decide to move out of the rental property you have shared, remember that it is the right thing to take up a final share in the hard work of cleaning the old flat. Most landlords require you to clean out the oven and get the carpets freshened up, and even if you cannot bear to be around each other at this late stage in your relationship, it should still be possible to divide up the tasks and finish on a good note with your full deposit split between the two of you.

And of course, if you need help moving out after a break up then Alan Cook Removals has all sizes of vehicle to get your personal belongings from your old dwelling to your new digs. We will take all the difficulty out of hauling round your goods and can even go into your old home and load up the boxes onto our transport. Give our friendly office a call for a quote or to book a move.