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The traditional view is that it’s not a good time to do anything over Christmas. After all, the whole world is winding down for the break and there’s no point starting up again till January. What’s the big difference in moving before or moving after Xmas? If you’re thinking this – then consider for a moment why you might be wrong. After all there are a number of reasons why you might want to actually start doing something of a scan for properties during the break.

You Have the Time to Browse

There’s nothing worse than having to zip on sites like Rightmove when you are at work, avoiding the boss’s glare. You want to be first to the party when new properties come online, but it can be difficult to stay on top of the ball. However at Xmas you have all the time in the world to sit around munching mince pies and looking at all manner of websites to make your dream deal come true.

Great to Arrange Viewings

As everyone is off on holiday in the winter month of December with compulsory Christmas breaks going down, it’s easy to make an appointment to drop in and see someone’s house or flat if you like. Usually they’ll be in good spirits too and happy to show you round. You don’t have to feel intimidated because it’s the break – after all, how much do you really get done when it’s not Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day? Those in between days can be a real godsend.

It’s A Buyer’s Market

Most people who are selling their houses have resigned themselves to the fact that if their property has not sold before Xmas they are most likely going to need to wait until February to shift their bricks. This means that if you can come in with a decent, realistic offer during the winter break the chances are that they will go for it for ease and convenience.

People Want To Go In January

And if you do decide you want to move then you know who’s on hand to help… Alan Cook is the ideal company to get your removals sorted whether you’re moving after Xmas, before spring or even in the dead middle of summer. Our helpful and proficient team will make sure that all your treasured belongings arrive in one piece at their destination. And we’re super competitive on price too….