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Hello Alan Cook fans. Star Wars Removals? It may have escaped some of you, but not everyone will be able to stay out of the clutches of the tractor beam that is Star Wars day. We thought we’d go with the flow and produce one of our famous whimsical articles in the light of this light of this magnificent moment. So here we go. What are some of the most interesting removals jobs that might have happened in the Star Wars universe?

Moving Obi Wan to Tatooine

When all the proverbial hit the fan after Obi Wan secured the high ground against Anakin it was time for him to high tail it out of there before the situation got more than scratchy. Where did he decide to go? Any Star Wars fan can tell you he decided to hit the beach in the form of Tatooine. With so much sand and so little surf he probably only needed to pack a beach towel, but we like to think he still needed to hire a relatively small ship, perhaps even the legendary Millennium Falcon to carry all his capes.

Moving Yoda to Dagobah

Not only did Obi Wan have to do a fast exit after the fall of the republic, but Yoda wasn’t keen to hang around either. The aging green little fella can’t have had too much stuff, but with the hard living standards on his swamp destination, you can bet your bottom dollar that he popped into the DIY planet to purchase the right stuff to fix up his new home. After all, how would he cook that horrible luminous muck that we catch him feeding Luke Skywalker in the Empire Strikes Back?

Moving Into the Death Star

One of the biggest removals contracts ever available in the history of time has to be the Death Star job. Moving a whole population across space to inhabit a hollowed out space station the size of a moon probably came with a whole load of challenges, but a whole load of rewards too. As long as they didn’t all get force choked by Darth Vader when they had trouble getting his grand piano up the stairs.

If you want a removals service that is out of this world and won’t leave your possessions in a galaxy far, far away, then Alan Cook is for you. Our customer service people are more than just droids and you might find that we can do the Kessel run in slightly more than 12 parsecs. After all, no one beats Han Solo when it comes to Star Wars Removals.