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Are you thinking of moving in the summer? So far in 2018 we have had more than our usual fair share of hot and sunny days. It seems that we are going to have a scorcher – touch wood and we may actually have one of those years to look back on fondly. If you are thinking of moving house however, especially over a long distance, then keeping the kids happy in the car could be one of your biggest challenges.

Fortunately we feel your pain, so we put together a bunch of tips that could ease you through that difficult care journey with the minimum of fuss.

Spotify Playlists

Everyone loves a good sing song don’t they? Forgo your love of 1980s house classics and let the children have their way and compose a Spotify play-list for the journey. This way the children can have a song each and sing-a-long with their favourite bands and artists. It may not be the best for your ears, but it’s a whole lot better than the perpetual questions about how far is left, or arguments, and who knows? You may even find some new musical favourites yourself.

Location Specific Games

Why not do a little research before you go on your trip and note famous landmarks and road-signs and award the children with treats when they spot things. It will make the journey more interesting and teach them something about the geography of the UK. You may even be tempted to take a slight detour to see some amazing sites such as castles and historic homes as you journey around the UK.

Treats and Drinks

Keeping the energy levels of the little ones up is essential to ensure they do not get grumpy. Packing the right amount of easy to reach food is good alongside buying packs of sweets and small snacks that come individually wrapped to prevent the mess caused by larger containers. As a parent we probably don’t need to tell you about drinks with straws or bringing a ton of baby wipes with you to stop little faces getting mucky.

Special Stop Offs

On the longest journeys a break is the perfect way to keep everyone happy. From forest walks to stops by the beach you can find the ideal stop off point for your journey and take a little explore off the beaten track. It’s an easy way to stretch legs and get restless minds a little steady again and if you’re lucky you might even find that your little ones drop off to sleep in the back of the car giving mum and dad some much needed rest on the road.

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