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Keeping positive during your home move can be difficult. Especially if you are going through with a relocation during these colder months. There’s something about the end of the winter that makes everyone miserable, and if you throw a new home into the mix, at times it can feel like things are insurmountable.

Of course, this is not the case. As with everything in life, by simply taking on a few activities, you can actually reduce the stress and anxiety around the move. It’s an easy equation, but one that requires a little work.

Do some scouting

Before you move you’re obviously going to look at your new home, but make sure you take some time doing a bit of scouting around in your local area too. Go through some of the shops, pubs and restaurants, so you can see what the atmosphere is like to reassure yourself that you’re moving into a desirable area. Or if you are not going to an urban location, then a nice day out in your country surroundings with the children could put the whole family at ease.

Settling in

You will eventually find that your new home is possibly even better than your old place, but as human beings we naturally fear change. Be prepared however for at least a 2 month bedding in period, where you give yourself a break from pushing yourself towards other goals. After all, simply coming to terms with the move is a big deal.

What does this mean in real terms? Don’t start any new diets, or attempt to give up smoking, or push yourself down the gym. Save all those improvement activities for when you’re feeling at home with yourself.

Be Quick

When you get into your new property don’t take too long to get everything out of your boxes and into place. There’s always the temptation to only unpack the most essential items and to adopt a slow process of moving in. This is only going to make you feel worse, as you won’t feel adjusted to your new surroundings without everything in its final position. Even if you feel exhausted, putting each item where it belongs will make you feel good.

Early nights

Before you move it’s essential to have the strength to see through the move with a positive mindset. One of the key ingredients to achieving the right levels of resilience is getting enough sleep. Go to bed early and make sure you have a break from your phone before you hit the hay, as the bright light from your screen can often interrupt your sleep pattern. It’s not uncommon to wake up early when you are stressed, but when this happens, simply lie in bed and try to relax – it is almost as energising as sleep.

And if you really want to be totally prepared for your home move, then simply enlist the services of Alan Cook Removals. We’ll take care of everything for you on the big day, leaving you with loads of space and time to turn all the worry and strain into keeping positive during your home move.