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We’ve been a bit more serious of late so we thought it might be time to get our spooky on. With Halloween only days around the corner, we thought we’d jump into the fun-time spirit and put together a list of houses and homes we really would not like to move into – based on some of the most famous horror flicks of the last 50 or so years. And if you do decide to watch any of these cinematic classics, make sure you have moved in a sofa to jump behind.

The Shining

Get ready to hide under the sofa. The hijinks and horror in this crazy tale by the master, Stephen King, are bought to life by one of cinema’s true greats in the form of Stanley Kubrick. Ghastly carpets and kids on trikes combine to create a truly chilling narrative as Jack Nicholson slowly becomes increasingly insane before drinking with dead people, hugging a corpse in a bath-tub and taking us through one of the most memorable scenes in horror movie history.


Go into the light Carol-Anne… Poltergeist is one of the most disturbing ghost films you are ever likely to see that’s follows on in the theme created by the Shining. It looks like a bunch of developers haven’t been too clever in choosing a new site for their housing estate, and when the secrets buried amongst the foundations of these shiny new homes start to rise up in a spectral manner, the otherworldly spirit really hits the fan.

The Others

Nicole Kidman lives in a house where the windows are always shut and the children don’t seem to get on too well with sunlight. They believe the house is haunted and that something supernatural is going on, but the truth is far more chilling as the story unfolds. Definitely one that pulls the rug from under your feet – and if you had to choose one of the houses in this article to live in, by the end of the movie this might well be top of your scary list.

The Amityville Horror

Perhaps every culture has their archetypal horror stories. In the case of the USA this has to be Amityville. For a number of decades writers and narrators alike have been entranced by this classic tale of evil. In the original movie, a bunch of newly-weds move into this evil building after getting duped by an estate agent. Based on a real life horror story, this is one film that’s been remade again and again with ever more sinister twists.

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