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Moving Guide
– France

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Removals to France

Moving to or from France is made effortless with Britannia Alan Cook. Our commitment goes beyond mere relocation – we take pride in offering a suite of removal services tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re in need of storage solutions or expert packing assistance, our goal is to ensure your move to or from France is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

At Britannia Alan Cook, we’re your trusted solution for relocation to France, irrespective of the size or destination. Whether you’re navigating local landscapes or exploring picturesque regions, our seamless service is supported by the extensive network of Britannia Movers International. Your journey to France begins with us.

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Country Facts: France

Time Zone: UTC + 2

(1 hour in front of the UK)

Currency: Euros

Calling Code: +33

Languages spoken


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Importing Personal Effects

Documents required for a move from the UK to France:

  • Mandate
  • Non-cession
  • Passport copy
  • UK P60 or council tax bill for the 12 months prior to your move or Attestation from Consulate in the UK stating you have lived in the UK for more than 12 months
  • Detailed valued and signed inventory list in French
  • If you are doing your move in two separate deliveries or moving a motor vehicle then you will also need to complete a CERFA 10010-30

Please note, this list is a guide only and may not be an exhaustive list. We will present all papers once returned to our customs agents, who will then advise if everything is in place to clear customs or if customs in France would require any further information and documentation. If you are unable to provide any of the requested documents, we can check with our agents and ask if any alternative documents/information can be provided instead.

Importing Vehicles

Below documents are required if including a car in your move to France

  • CERFA 10010-30
  • UK log book (V5)
  • Car’s invoice or an attestation with current value, signed
  • Motorbike’s purchase invoice

Please note this is also a guide only and may not be an exhaustive list we will need to have approval from our customs agent before moving and motor vehicles. Further documents can be requested by French customs.

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Moving Pets

We would recommend contacting a specialist pet moving company for more information. As a guide, documents such as a Health certificate, issued by an official veterinary surgeon would be required.

Prohibitions and Restrictions:

The below items are either prohibited to import from the UK to France or very restricted:

  • Alcohol
  • Importing plants do you need a Phytosanitary certificate. Since Brexit, importing plants from the UK to France is very difficult and not recommended. If you are allowed to take them at all you would most likely have to apply for a Phytosanitary certificate. You would have potential additional charges as the plants may be subject to a through physical inspection by customs in France. Information can be found at Export plants and plant products from Great Britain and Northern Ireland – GOV.UK (
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General information about the country, what the country is known for and some key facts

France is the largest country in the European Union. About 126% larger than the United Kingdom, France covers a total area of about 551,695 square kilometres

The most expensive recorded bottle of wine was produced in France in 1945. The bottle of Romanee- Conti was sold at auction in 2018 for $558,000.

Although widely associated with France, the croissant is said to have originated from Austria

Whether you need a permit to work or live there

As a British national, you will likely need to have a permit to live and work in France: Permits, residence permits and movement documents for foreigners in France |

A happy family thanking one of our removals managers following another successful house move
Young woman looking at the website of Britannia Alan Cook Removals & Storage foreign exchange partners, IFX a leading foreign exchange and payments consultancy

International money transfers

If transferring currency from or to France, IFX can use their expertise to save you money with competitive rates that are better than the high street bank. Please contact them to see how much you can save.

BRITANNIA MOVERS INTERNATIONAL PLC in partnership with International Foreign Exchange (

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