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There’s plenty to do when its removals time, so it’s all too easy to forget about sustenance. And with the pressures of getting everything packed and in its place, you’d be forgiven for running out and grabbing a McDonalds or something equally fast and friendly. But don’t you want to have some good nourishment as you first meal in the house? We look at some of the best autumn removals food to keep you stacked up and full of fuel and energy.

Simple Sandwiches

That don’t have to be so simple. With the variety of breads now on offer you can makes some truly super subs or huge doorstep sandwiches, and everyone can have their favourite flavours making them feel right at home from the first bite. You don’t have to clear up too much mess and with a big bag of shared crisps being passed around and a bunch of drinks out of cartons and cans, you can have the best out of the convenience and comfort worlds.

One Pot Wonders

If you have a hob and you know what you’re doing then there’s nothing stopping you from mixing up a nice bolognese or something from the French school of slow cooking that can be warmed up wonderfully with just the flick of the switch. Careful transportation is obviously needed to get the pot into the new quarters, but once it’s there a few chunks of bread, or better still jacket potatoes in the oven could make the ideal accompaniment to this hearty autumn fayre.

Cold Cut Selection

There’s still enough warmth in the air in September and October to get away with an Indian summer style indoor picnic. You don’t have to be too creative. Some slices of ham and a bit of soft French cheese and you’re living in the lap of luxury within a few mere bites. Throw some pickles into the mix with a whole bunch of other salad stuff and you can come out with some seriously classy culinary concoctions.

Liquid Laughs

And if you don’t have any kids then you can always eat a big lunch on the way at a roadside cafe and spend your first night giving your new pad a very big Irish hello. A bottle of wine or JD and mixer and you’ll be christening your new rooms one by one in no time with a happy smile and click in your heels. Put the music on at the right volume and you might even be able to turn some concerned knocks into friendly faces.

However you decide to make it happen on the autumn removals food front when you complete your move, make sure you get there with Alan Cook Removals. Whilst we’re not the kind of cook to set your taste-buds on fire, they’ll never be to many cooks to spoil the broth and when it comes to getting you and all your belongings there, on time and in one piece – we are cooking with gas.