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On average, each person in the UK will move about eight times in their lifetime, travel about 32 miles for each move and end up living less than 70 miles away from where they were born. Is that surprising? Not to us, but then again, we are in the business of helping people move and many of our customers are repeat customers so we get to know them a little better each time we move them and why they’re moving. The reasons vary but also aren’t so surprising: university, work, and marriage. Occasionally we get a strange and unusual move, but most people don’t tend to move half way across the world.

Regardless of how many times you move though, one thing remains, moving house can be a stressful experience, especially if you don’t plan ahead and think it through. Not to mention, the further you move, and the more you have to move, often brings greater stress. But fear not! We are here to help, we are help to relieve the stress no matter how many times you move or how far you move and regardless of why you want to move, our packing and removals service takes the stress out of moving and means you can focus on enjoying the fact you’re heading for pastures new.